Extend Reality large or small

Why composites?

As a composite photographer, I understand the importance of bringing your clients' visions to life. By combining multiple images into a single composition, I can help bring your clients' imaginations to reality. Whether they are looking to create a surreal landscape, merge multiple photos into a cohesive scene, or manipulate an image to meet their creative vision, my composite photography services can make it happen. With my technical proficiency and creative eye, I will work closely with your clients to understand their unique needs and bring their vision to life with stunning and eye-catching results. Contact me today and let's bring your clients' creative visions to life through the art of composite photography

Photoshop/Composite examples

  • ·       Image merging: combining multiple images into one composition
  • ·       Background replacement: changing the background of an image to create a new environment
  • ·       Object removal: removing unwanted objects from an image
  • ·       Fantasy composites: creating surreal landscapes and imaginary scenes
  • ·       Group composites: combining images of individuals into a cohesive group shot
  • ·       Environmental composites: blending multiple images to create an ideal environment
  • ·       Conceptual composites: combining elements to create a conceptual image
  • ·       Collage creation: using multiple images to create a collage effect
  • ·       Product composites: combining images of products to create a cohesive product shot
  • ·       Photo manipulation: adjusting an image to meet specific creative requirements

And Composite services

  • Real estate composites: combining images to create a virtual tour of a property
  • Digital compositing: combining digital elements to create a final image
  • Fantasy portrait composites: creating a portrait that showcases the subject in an imaginary setting
  • Event composites: combining images from events to create a cohesive visual story
  • Sports composites: combining images of athletes to create an action-packed composite
  • Automotive composites: combining images of vehicles to showcase features and design elements
  • Pet composites: combining images of pets to create a portrait or scene
  • Food composites: combining images of food to create a mouth-watering composite
  • Landscape composites: combining images to create an idealized landscape.
  • ·       Property composites: combining images of a property to showcase its features