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Don't be shy, Tell me what kind of shoot you have in mind and ill create a custom package for you. I'm open to new ideas.


How do I book a shoot?

Don't be shy, fill out the contact form so we can get started. You can also message me via Instagram @vivvidimagery

Payment types acceptable?

We currently accept PayPal, Venmo, check and cash. Invoicing and receipts available upon request.

Do you travel?

I would be happy to travel to your event/shoot wherever it is taking place, depending on the season and specific location. Travel costs may include hotel fees (if driving distance is longer than 3 hours). Gas will also be calculated into your final cost.

What is your turnaround time?

We focus on the quality of the photographs you get back. The photos you receive will be cropped, color corrected, and high resolution. Typically 3 to 8 days after your shoot. Larger events and weddings will take more time. I do all of the editing in house and go through your images one by one, so please be patient when it comes to the turnaround time of your pictures.

Is there a cost to print?

All of mypackages come with printing rights which means you and your family members may order prints on your own without any additional markup from Vivvid Imagery. The images we provide are not watermarked, are high resolution and ready to print.

Will we receive all the images you take ? What about the RAW files

One of the reasons editing is so time consuming for photographers is largely because we spend hours going through each photo one by one and eliminating shots that are not flattering to the subjects and that do not represent our best work.
We always remove duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots or missed flashed shots. We also eliminate pictures where subjects have closed eyes or uncomplimentary facial expressions. For all of these reasons, we do not include raw or unedited photos.